What Do People Do for Fun in Argentina?

Tango dancing and outdoor recreation, such as horseback riding, fishing and skiing, are some of the most popular pastimes in Argentina. Other common activities enjoyed by people in the country include sightseeing and dining.

Tango dancing is a classic dance of Argentina, with various festivals and competitions that take place in Buenos Aires. A national sport in Argentina, horseback riding is also significant in the history and economy of the country. There are a number of ranches where riding horses is offered, with mountains and varying terrains on which to ride.

Fishing and skiing are widely enjoyed activities in Argentina. Amateur and expert fisherman regularly visit the deep rivers and shore along the Atlantic coast. From May or June through September, skiing on the Andes mountains is a popular seasonal activity in the country. Ski resorts provide a place for adventurous getaways or extended vacations. With several large mountains in Argentina, there are also many who enjoy climbing as an adventure sport.

There are numerous places for sightseeing in Argentina, with diverse wildlife, waterfalls and other natural attractions. In contrast, the lively city of Buenos Aires includes a variety of dance halls, cafés, restaurants, and nightclubs that attract both locals and tourists.