What Is Ohio Famous For?

Chris Isherwood/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Ohio is famous as the birthplace of seven presidents and 24 astronauts and is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as two Major League Baseball teams, the Cleveland Indians and the first professional team, the Cincinnati Reds. Personalities born in Ohio include Paul Newman, Steven Spielberg, Clark Gable, Arsenio Hall and Thomas Edison.

Presidents from Ohio are Warren G. Harding, William H. Taft, William McKinley, Benjamin Harrison, James A. Garfield, Rutherford B. Hayes and Ulysses S. Grant. Famous astronauts include John Glenn, first American astronaut to orbit the earth, and Neil Armstrong, the first human to walk on the moon.

Ohio is home to the following firsts: the first traffic light, ambulance service, police cars, professional fire department, service station, and the first pedestrian-crossing button. Cleveland was the world’s first city with electricity. Oberlin College was the first co-educational and interracial college and, in 1854, the first African-American held public office in Brownhelm, Ohio. John Lambert, an Ohioan, produced the first American automobile and had the first automobile accident in the country. Inventions from Ohio include the pop-top can, the cash register, the hot dog, the incandescent light bulb, a camera to make motion pictures, phonograph, Teflon, vulcanized rubber, an automobile self-starter and chewing gum.