What Is a Nubian Queen?

A Nubian queen is a female ruler of the kingdom of Nubia, located along the Nile in southern Egypt and northern Sudan. In modern times, it is also used to describe a woman with African heritage.

Some African-American women are referred to as Nubian queens with the intention of showing pride in their African heritage. Although Nubia is located in what is now southern Egypt and northern Sudan, it was once a part of northeastern Africa. Its history and culture dates back to around 3800 B.C. at which time the region was referred to as the Kush kingdom.

Around 1100 B.C., Egypt invaded and ruled the Nubian region. When the Nubian people regained control of their kingdom, they were ruled by Nubian royalty. Nubian queens include Queen Abar and Queen Qalhata, the wife and daughter, respectively, of King Piye. Candace of Meroe is one of the most notable queens of Nubia.