What Is Nigeria Famous For?

Robert/CC-BY 2.0

Because of Nigeria’s long history, large population and considerable resources, the country is famous for quite a few things, including a booming economy and film industry, empires like the Sokoto Caliphate and the country’s role in the slave trade. While Nigeria struggled for a long time under British colonial rule, it has emerged as a political, cultural and economic powerhouse in recent years.

The region that is now Nigeria has long boasted a large population, and multiple kingdoms and empires have risen and fallen in the region over the years. The Kanem-Bornu Empire included parts of northern Nigeria and was one of the largest and most stable civilizations in Africa, while later states like the Kingdoms of Oyo, Benin and Ife managed to survive for centuries before European contact brought about their demise. The Kingdom of Nri and the Sokoto Caliphate (also known as the Fulani Empire) both managed to survive until the beginning of the 20th century.

The population density of Nigeria also caused it to become an ideal source of slaves for European countries, and later it was colonized by the British for its palm oil. However, Nigeria has been an independent country since 1960, and while military coups and government corruption have caused difficulties for the country, it is now one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. Petroleum has replaced palm oil as a staple of the Nigerian economy, and the country’s new-found wealth has allowed it to invest heavily in promoting culture. Nollywood, Nigeria’s film industry, is the second largest after India and third most valuable in the world, while the Nigerian music scene has spawned new genres like Afrobeat and JuJu.

However, poverty and crime remain high in the nation. Email scams, another thing Nigeria is famous for, are a result of these problems.