What Is the Netherlands Famous For?

Jaap Hart/E+/Getty Images

The Netherlands is famous for its wooden clogs, windmills, Gouda cheese, tulips and canals. Tourists flock to Noordoostpolder each spring to view the vibrant tulips at the Tulip Festival.

Other than rural workers, people in the Netherlands seldom wear wooden shoes or clogs as of 2014. However, the footwear is regularly sold as a souvenir to tourists who visit the country.

Once home to 10,000 windmills, the Netherlands features approximately one-tenth that number as of 2014. Windmills are found in Zaanse Schans, Kinderdijk and Amsterdam. Amsterdam is home to eight windmills, one of which is the De Otter mill, the only working wood-sawing mill in the country.

One of the most famous Dutch foods, Gouda cheese, accounts for approximately half of the world’s consumption of cheese. Two examples of Gouda cheese include Boerenkaas, an unpasteurized variety, and Graskaas, which is ready to be eaten within weeks after it is made. Overjarig cheese is an aged Gouda.