Why Do We Need Robots?

Tom Carter/Photolibrary/Getty Images

People need robots for dangerous, repetitive and high-precision work. Robots perform tasks in hostile environments that are impossible for humans, while also carrying out repetitious tasks with speed and accuracy. Without robots, our modern industrialized world would not be possible.

The world needs robots for a countless number of reasons, including hazardous jobs and automated manufacturing. Robots work without breaks or the need to sleep or eat, allowing manufactures to streamline processes and improve output. Robots are employed in roles ranging from cleaning up dangerous waste and chemical spills to disarming bombs and protecting soldiers in the field. New, humanoid robots and “exo-suits,” originally designed for military use, are now being developed in the private sector for uses ranging from manual labor to helping those with handicaps and mobility issues.

Robots also provide a level of precision that is unmatched by the human hand, and one which is repeatable over indefinite time frames. These characteristics make them ideal for precision cutting, welding and assembly processes. Robots are also revolutionizing medical procedures, allowing many types of surgery to be performed with non-invasive, out-patient procedures, as opposed to traditional procedures requiring longer recovery times. Medical robots are now so advanced that they are being employed in brain, heart and eye surgeries, allowing doctors to treat conditions that were previously only possible through treatments nearly as dangerous as the offending condition.