What Are the Natural Resources in Delaware?

regexman/CC-BY 2.0

There are many natural resources in Delaware, including magnesium, gravel and granite. Other natural resources in Delaware include sand and timber.

The mineral deposits in Delaware’s soil make it fertile for farming. There are no water reservoirs or dams in Delaware. The state also has no national forests or state parks. The natural resources found there are mainly the minerals found in the soil.

Because of the exceptional soil, Delaware is known for its agriculture. Some crops produced in the state include sweet corn, cucumbers, potatoes, soybeans and mushrooms. Additionally, farmers are mandated to be part of the government, and every district in Delaware mandates that an elected supervisor also has a working farm. The agriculture of the state made it attractive to the colonists that first settled there. Delaware was first explored in 1609, and was settled in the year 1655 by the Dutch. Delaware was once part of Pennsylvania, but in 1778 was granted constitution as its own state. Delaware was the first state to become part of the union.

While Delaware has no official state parks or forests, there are many areas for fishing which also attracted settlers as well. Fishing is still popular recreation in DE, especially near the port city of Wilmington and surrounding areas.