What Are the Natural Resources of the African Savanna?

Mike Hill/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

The natural resources in the African Savanna include a multitude of grasses, oil, uranium, platinum, diamonds, coal, gold and oil. Because the Savanna spans nearly 5 million square miles of Africa, there are different natural resources in different parts of the continent. For example, the Congo region is known for being one of the largest diamond producing areas of the world. Ghana, Guinea and Mali are major producers of gold.

According the National Geographic, the continent of Africa produced 12.5 percent of the world’s oil. Many parts of the Savanna are looking into oil drilling and production for the first time.

Some of the regions of the Savanna have multiple natural resources that are purchased from countries around the world, but the continent is still attempting to deliver modern conveniences to their citizens. In addition to all the consumer-purchased natural resources, the African Savanna boasts nearly 2 million plant-eating mammals and 500 species of birds.

Cattle are considered a natural resource of the area as well, but they do graze on the unique grasses and plants that grow only in this region. To help protect the plant and animal natural resources of the Savanna a portion is currently used as a biosphere reserve.