What Are the Names of All the Indiana Lakes and Their Sizes?

Lake Michigan comprises Indiana’s northwest shore. At 22,400 square miles, Lake Michigan is the largest freshwater lake in the world. At 10,750 acres, Monroe Lake is the largest within the state borders.

Additional lakes found in the state of Indiana include:

  • The 8,800-acre Patoka Lake sits within the Hoosier National Forest.
  • Brookvale Lake contains 5,260 acres and has 61 miles of shoreline.
  • Gibson Lake, at 3,490 acres, is the largest above-ground lake in the state.
  • Lake Wawasee is Indiana’s largest natural lake at 3,410 acres.
  • Mississinewa Lake, at 3,180 acres, is a common destination for fishermen.
  • Salamonie Lake at 2,655 acres, the Geist Reservoir at 1,890 acres and the Morse Reservoir with 1,500 acres are all reservoirs that are also used for recreation.
  • Cecil M. Harden Lake, with 2,110 acres, is a nature-lover’s favorite.
  • Lake Maxinkuckee is Indiana’s second-largest natural lake at 1,864 acres.
  • Lake Freeman at 1,547 acres and Lake Shafer at 1,291 are both man-made lakes on the Tippecanoe River.
  • Lake Lemon’s 1,440 acres are just outside Bloomington.
  • Bass Lake at 1,407 acres is a natural lake, and Cagles Mill Lake with 1,400 acres is a man-made one.
  • Lake James with 1,229 acres is considered the top choice of the “Chain of Lakes” in northeastern Indiana.

There are another 90 smaller lakes in Indiana, for a total of 108 lakes in the state.