What Was the Name of Leif Erikson’s Ship?

The exact name of Leif Erikson’s ship is not known. However, the type of ship he purchased was a “Bjarni Herjolfsson.” Erikson and his crew of 35 men used this ship to explore the western boundaries of Canada and Greenland.

Leif Erikson was the first European explorer to land in North America. He pioneered the establishment of the Vinland settlement, which became part of Canada’s Labrador and Newfoundland areas.

Leif Erikson was born in Iceland in 970 A.D. His father, “Erik the Red,” was a Norse explorer. In 986 A.D., Erikson’s family moved to Greenland.

Later in his life, Erikson and his family converted to Christianity and moved to Norway. Some time later, Erikson made his journey to North America, where he pioneered several settlements. He died in 1020 A.D.