How Many Islands Are in the Whole Hawaiian Island Chain?

Edmund Garmund/CC-BY 2.0

There is a total of 18 islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands. Within the 18 islands, there are eight main islands and 10 smaller ones.

The eight main islands are Hawaii, Maui, Kahoolawe, Molokai, Lanai, Kauai, Oahu and Niihau. Kaala is not considered part of the main islands or the outer islands, according to the Hawaiian Center for Volcanology.. The outer Hawaiian Islands is made up of a series of nine smaller islands that are sprinkled throughout the chain.

The Hawaiian Center for Volcanology reports that there are also more than 100 large rocks and islets located around Hawaii. The island chain is home to three active volcanoes, three dormant volcanoes and one volcano that is considered extinct. Volcanoes helped to form the islands and islets.