How Many Cities Are There in Spain?

perotto/RooM/Getty Images

Spain has a total of 44 cities with at least six major cities that house over 500,000 residents each. Barcelona and Madrid are the two largest cities. Madrid has a population of 3.2 million people, and Barcelona has a population of 1.6 million.

In addition to the two largest cities, there are three cities in Spain that have a population of 500,000 or more people. Valencia has nearly 800,000 residents. Zaragoza and Seville both have a population of approximately 700,000 residents. Malaga houses nearly 560,000 residents.

Spain also has several cities with over 100,000 residents. Cities with over 100,000 residents include Las Palmas, Palma and Bilbao. Granada is one of Spain’s most visited attractions for tourists. Of Spain’s population of over 37 million people, nearly 40 percent of the country’s residents live in urban areas. Spain also houses several other cities that include San Sebastian, Salamanca and Alicante.