What Are Some Major Industries of Washington State?

Clara S./CC-BY 2.0

The major industries in the state of Washington include agriculture, lumber, tourism, hydroelectric power, computer software, aircraft, and aluminum refining. Of those, agriculture is the leading industry, accounting for $9.5 billion of the state economy.

Apples, dairy products, beef, wheat and potatoes are the top five agricultural products in Washington. Milk is the most commonly produced dairy product, accounting for approximately 15 percent of the total agricultural receipts. Livestock also provides beef, from both cattle and calves, as well as chicken eggs, and broilers.

Apples are one of the biggest crops grown in Washington, accounting for about 20 percent of the state’s agricultural receipts. Washington produces more apples than any other state, amounting to 64 percent of the country’s apply supply. Washington is also the biggest producer of cherries, pears, asparagus, hops, mint and Kentucky bluegrass.

Food processing also plays a big role in Washington’s economy. It ranks third in the nation for the processing flour, coffee, potatoes, fish and meats, vegetables, fruit and dairy products.

Washington is also known for being a leader in the transportation equipment industry, producing for the aircraft and space industries. It is ranked second in the country for the production of computer and electronics, including computer chips, communication equipment, medical equipment and navigational instruments. Washington is home to Boeing, Microsoft and other industry leading companies.