What Are the Major Industries of Indiana?

Scott Olson / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The major industries of Indiana are manufacturing, agriculture, mining and service industries. Although car and car parts have been the number one exported product out of Indiana for years, pharmaceutical sales is the fastest growing industry.

Within the manufacturing industry, companies in Indiana make transportation and transportation equipment, including motor vehicle parts, aircraft parts, automobile assembly, truck and bus bodies, truck trailers, motor homes and railroad cars. Indiana’s industries also provide fabricated metal products, primary metal products, rubber and miscellaneous plastic products. Canada provides the largest market for Indiana’s manufacturing. In agriculture, the tomato is the leading crop to come out of Indiana. Corn and soybeans are also popular farm products. Hogs are Indiana’s most valuable livestock product, followed by milk, beef and eggs. Other agricultural livestock that are successful exports are turkeys, ducks and sheep. Indiana is a coal-producing state, and miners bring up 36 million tons of coal every year. Coal provides much of the energy for the state’s electricity. Mining also brings crushed stone, sand, gravel, clays and gypsum. Limestone quarries produce crushed stone for roadways and building stone for construction. Retail is the leading service industry in Indiana. Indiana is the third most successful state in the United States for pharmaceutical sales.