What Are the Major Bodies of Water in Texas?

According to the Texas government infrastructure, the major bodies of water in Texas are the Gulf of Mexico, the Rio Grande and the Red River. The rivers all have basins in the state of Texas and all flow out to the Gulf of Mexico.

Texas has a large amount of streams, with around 3,700 throughout the state that all eventually reach the various rivers that are in the states. The state has 14 major tributaries including the Rio Grande, Pecos, Nueces, San Antonio, Guadalupe, Lavaca, Colorado, Brazos, San Jacinto, Trinity, Neches, Sabine, Red and Canadian rivers.

While the state has a large amount of moving bodies of water, it only has one lake that is not manmade. The Caddo Lake, which is one of 196 is the only naturally occurring lake in the state. Texas also has many different underground water systems that function similarly to streams and rivers, these are called aquifers.

The Gulf of Mexico is located on the border of Texas. The Gulf is the main separating factor between Texas and Mexico and is a popular vacation destination for Texans as well as people from around the country. It is part of the ocean and provides the beach environment that many people would not expect from the typically referred to “western” state of Texas.