What Are Some of the Major Bodies of Water in Peru?

Lisa Weichel/CC-BY 2.0

Major bodies of water located in Peru include Lake Titicaca, Lake Llanganuco, the Amazon River, the Ucayali River, the Madre de Dios River and the Marañón River. In addition, the Pacific Ocean borders Peru on its west side.

Peru has many smaller tributaries in its Amazon region, with an estimated 5,343 miles of tributaries navigable on the Amazon system. Lake Titicaca, which lies on Peru’s border with Bolivia, has about 129 miles of navigable tributaries.

Peru is located in the western portion of South America, and Lima is its capital. The country has three major geographical regions: the coastal plains, the rugged highland and the lowland jungles. These regions give Peru a varied climate, which can be humid, cold, rainy or dry depending on the area.