What Are the Major Accomplishments of Hatshepsut?

Hatshepsut had many achievements, but the greatest of them all was being the first female pharaoh of Egypt to have full powers during the 18th dynasty when there was great opposition against the women leadership. She was the daughter of King Thutmose I and took over leadership after the death of her husband and step-brother, Thutmose II.

Hatshepsut had strong supporters within her circles to ensure her protection. She mandated ambitious building projects, especially in western Thebes, that exceeded those of her predecessors. The most impressive building was the memorial temple at Deir el-Bahri, which is considered as one of the best architectural designs in ancient Egypt. She encouraged external trade that brought richness to Egypt, including ivory, gold, leopard skins and ebony.

Hatshepsut conducted trade with a neighboring country called Punt. According to archaeologists, it is believed that no Egyptian ruler was more successful in Punt than Hatshepsut. She strived to earn the obedience, trust and loyalty of officials in order to keep her enemies at bay. After her death, her successor Thutmose III attempted to eliminate any reference to Hatshepsut with the intention of getting the credit for her achievements. He erased her images in temples and monuments, which made it difficult for scholars to learn about her life.