What Made Martin Luther King a Good Leader?

Martin Luther King Jr. was a good leader because of his knowledge of the cause he fought for, his communication skills and his example in living out the principles he articulated. Other leadership traits included his willingness to sacrifice and his faith in the people who worked alongside him

Martin Luther King had a clear idea of what he was fighting for. He did not enter the Civil Rights Movement as one who merely jumps on a bandwagon, but joined to fight for a set of principles in which he believed. He was also a living example of what he taught. For example, he lived out his principle of non-violence by refusing to engage in violent action against his oppressors. Since he lived what he taught, his message was more credible to his followers, which in turn solidified his reputation as a good leader.

King’s ability to communicate his message clearly gave his followers a well-defined vision of what they were fighting for, and his choice to embrace suffering caused by those who opposed him demonstrated his commitment to his beliefs in the eyes of his followers. He encouraged his admirers to collaborate with him, which personalized the cause for them.