How Do You Locate a County by ZIP Code?

Locating a county by ZIP code is very easy to accomplish, thanks to a helpful tool from the National Association of Counties. Simply go to the NACO website, and from there you can search for any county you desire by entering a ZIP code

  1. Go to the NACO website

    Open your web browser of choice. In the search box, go to This brings you to the main page of NACO.

  2. Access the City-County search page

    At the top of the NACO homepage, look for a blue bar just below the main header. At the far left of the blue bar, there is a button that says “About Counties”. Hover over this button until a menu pops up just below your mouse cursor. Under the “Find a County” header, there are sub-menus in small blue text. The third button down says “City-County Search”. Click this button.

  3. Enter your ZIP Code

    Mid-way down the screen, there are boxes with various search options. The second box down says “Search for County by ZIP Code”. Enter your ZIP code in the search area, then click the “Search for County” button. This will display the county of the ZIP code you entered.