What Kind of Clothing Do People Wear in Canada?

Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

Due to the proliferation of Hollywood movies and cultural globalization, Canada has many of the same fashion trends as the United States. Despite the similarities, Canada does have its own distinct clothing brands, fashion trends and designers, many of whom are showcased at the semi-annual Toronto Fashion Week. Popular clothing trends include thick knit sweaters, metallic and holographic materials, skinny jeans and bright colors.

Like many Western countries, the current fashion in Canada is an eclectic mix of modern and vintage styles. Many street-style looks include clothing inspired by fashion of the 80s and 90s, such as flannel shirts, high-waisted trousers and thick stockings. Classic patterns such as polka-dots, stripes and checkers are also popular.

Many Canadian men prefer a utilitarian style, complete with denim jeans, boots, leather belts and structured jackets. This functional and understated look can be seen in the collections of Canadian clothing companies 18 Waits, Herschel Supply Co. and Viberg Boots.

Due to its cold climate, Canada is a leading producer of top-of-the-line coats and winter accessories. Canada Goose is a Toronto-based company that produces jackets for extreme weather conditions. These jackets have been gaining popularity worldwide after being spotted on American celebrities and politicians.