What Does Japan Produce?

Japan produces agricultural materials, steel, automobiles, textiles and manufactured goods. These are the top exports of Japan and continuously change in popularity depending on the specific economy of Japan.

Japan is one of the top producing countries in relation to the natural resources that are available in the country. There are very few raw materials in Japan and there is a very small amount of usable agricultural space that is found in Japan. Because of this, many of the things that Japan produces actually come from materials and products that were imported and assembled in the country. Japan has an imbalanced trade system with many countries because it uses more products than it is able to produce.

The Middle East and Australia are two of Japan’s biggest trade partners. Japan acquires oil and coal, along with other important natural resources, from these countries. Japan uses a large amount of coal, but they are not able to produce enough products or materials to balance out the trade with the other countries. Japan does, however, produce many products and materials for the United States. They produce and ship more products to America than they receive. They use this deficit in production to make up for their lack of balance with Australia and the Middle East.