What Is Italian Gold Jewelry?

Italian gold jewelry is any piece designed and created by a goldsmith company in Italy, according to GoldenMine. Italian jewelry makers typically use 18 karat or higher gold to craft different items sold to the public.

In Italy, there are four main districts where it is possible to locate and purchase Italian gold jewelry. These districts are Vicenza, Arezzo, Torre del Greco and Valenza. Each district specializes in different types of jewelry and many companies have operated out of these areas for over 100 years. For example, Arezzo is known for its gold chain jewelry, while Torre del Greco is a great district for handcrafted items. In Vicenza, each year, the Italians host the Vicenza Oro, which is the World Premier Jewelry Fair.

Unlike other parts of the world, those who desire to make jewelry in Italy need to apprentice with a goldsmith. Most goldsmiths are highly protective of their trade secrets and choose each apprentice carefully. To increase their chances of being chosen for an apprenticeship, many people attend one of the premier design schools in Milan or Turin. The Italian gold jewelry market is one of the few industries that has endured throughout the ages and is still considered the pinnacle of style.