Who Invented Dance?

Multi-bits/Stone/Getty Images

Because dance was used in ancient times, it is not credited to the contribution of a specific person. Dance was first used in ancient cultures in ritualistic practices. For example, in Egypt, Greece and India, dancing before a god was an important part of temple worship.

Ancient Egyptians used dance to convey a god’s story or mime the rhythmic pattern of day and night. Dancers were also featured at funerals to convey the feelings of those who were in mourning.

The games at the Olympia in the 8th Century showcased the dancing of temple virgins. A dance circle was often formed, called a choros, to honor one of the gods. In the sixth century, the choros was the hallmark of theatre arts in Greece.

A traditional form of ancient dance, the Bharata Nhatyam, which is based on hand movements, is performed in India today..