What Important Historical Events Took Place in California?

Roberta Barbero/Moment/Getty Images

One of the most important historical events that occurred in California is the first exploration of the state in 1540 by the Spanish. An expedition was led by Hernando de Alarcon up the Gulf of California. This was the first time Europeans had stepped on California soil.

The history of California can be divided into several periods including the Native American period, European exploration, Spanish colonial, the Mexican period and the US statehood period.

  • Important historical events in the history of California.
  • 1821: Mexico gains independence from Spain and becomes the new ruler of California.
  • 1826 Native Americans attacked San Francisco Solano.
  • 1849: The Gold Rush began in 1849 after James Marshall discovered gold in Sutter’s sawmill in Coloma, California, in 1948. Over 300,000 prospectors came to the state looking to strike gold. The Gold Rush lasted until 1855.
  • 1850: California was admitted into the Union and became the 31st state.
  • 1861: California took part in the American Civil war by sending gold and volunteer combat units to the east.
  • After 1900: California grew quickly into an industrial and agricultural superpower.
  • 1906: A San Francisco earthquake left over 225,000 people homeless and killed over 3,000.
  • 1936: The Golden Gate bridge was completed.
  • 1945: The United Nations charter was signed in San Francisco.