What Ideas Did the Romans Borrow From the Greeks?

Alfred Huber / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

From the Greeks, the Romans borrowed or copied ideas on art, literature, religion and architecture. A prime example is in the pantheon of gods worshiped by Romans. With the exception of their names, the Greek gods and goddesses were the models used for the Roman pantheon of deities.

For example, Mercury was the Roman god that was the equivalent of Hermes in Greek mythology. Similarly, the Roman god Bacchus had a cult, which was similar to that of Dionysius’ in Greek culture.

Greek architecture influenced Roman architecture in many ways, such as in the design of domes, rounded arches and columns. The Romans also copied the Greek style in home decorations and sculptures.

In Roman literature, poets like Horace and Ovid were influenced by the Greeks. While Ovid wrote stories based on Greek mythology in his work titled “Metamorphoses,” Horace used the Greek meter in his poetry.