What Hotel Brands Have Suites With Jacuzzis in the Room?

Christian Córdova/CC-BY 2.0

Many hotel chains offer Jacuzzi suites, including Marriott, Best Western, Hilton and other regional chains, but the availability of this amenity usually depends on the individual hotel. Customers should contact hotels near their destination to discuss the possibility of an in-room Jacuzzi or jetted tub.

While private Jacuzzis are more likely to be found at resorts or other high-end locations, it is possible to find them at chain hotels. Luxury hotels in large metropolitan areas, whether they are chain hotels or private boutique hotels, sometimes offer Jacuzzis in certain suites, especially if they cater specifically to couples.

Hotel websites and third-party booking services usually highlight this amenity in their descriptions, but not always. On-site reservation agents have knowledge of which rooms and suites at a particular property feature Jacuzzis or jetted tubs, and they can allow customers to specifically request these rooms.

As of April 2015, in-room Jacuzzis are falling out of favor, as hotels strive to cut down on water use. They can also pose customer safety issues. Some chains that have offered Jacuzzis at specific locations in the past have since remodeled their tubs to replace them with showers. Customers should ask the hotel directly about the current availability of Jacuzzis, as well as any future plans to remove them.