What Hemisphere Is Florida In?

Florida is located in both the Northern and Western Hemispheres. Florida is a state of the United States, which is located in North America. The Northern Hemisphere also includes a part of northern South America, the entire continent of Europe, 66.7 percent of Africa and most of Asia.

The Northern Hemisphere encompasses the area that is above the equatorial line. The Southern Hemisphere is below this imaginary line that is located at 0 degree latitude. The equator separates Earth into these two equal parts.

The Southern Hemisphere contains nearly all of South America, Australia, Antarctica and a small section of Asia. Approximately 33.3 percent of Africa is also part of this hemisphere.

Similarly, Earth is divided into an Eastern and Western Hemisphere. The demarcation line that separates these two hemispheres is the prime meridian, which is found on a map at 0 degree longitude. Because North America also is situated in the Western Hemisphere, Florida can be found on a map in this hemisphere.

Florida is located on the southernmost portion of the United States’ eastern coast. This state is found on a peninsula bordered on three sides by three different bodies of water, including the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.