What Is Guatemala Famous For?

Matthew Stallone/Moment/Getty Images

Guatemala is famous for its natural beauty, ancient ruins and cuisine. The Central American country has seven active volcanoes: Santa Maria, Pacaya, Atitlan, Tajumulco, Fuego, Almolonga and Acatenango. Serious hikers from all over the world like to summit these volcanoes for the astounding views that can be experienced from their peaks.

Guatemala is also famous for its ancient Mayan ruins. One of these is the city of Tikal, located in the Tikal National Park in Guatemala. This city was built by the Mayans around 600 B.C. and remained a center of Mayan civilization for the next 1,500 years. The ancient city’s striking twin pyramids, known as Temple I and Temple II, are among its most notable features. Along with the temples, a palace and an acropolis, or burying place, remain.

When it comes to Guatemalan food, tamales are some of the most well-known, and they come in many varieties. Unlike the Mexican version, the Guatemalan tamale is wrapped in a banana leaf. Tamales Colorado are red in color because of the annatto seed and contain raisins, meat, chili peppers and tomato sauce. The recipe for black tamales features chocolate sauce. Guatemala is also famous for its coffee and is one of the biggest coffee producers in the world.