What Does Gra Go Deo Mean?

Gra Go Deo is an Irish phrase, and it means love forever. It is commonly used with Le in front, which changes it only slightly, to mean, to love forever.

Gra Go Deo is often inscribed on Celtic wedding rings, which are also decorated with Celtic knots, a seemingly endless cord, or vine, woven into a knot that does not have a clear starting or ending point. The knots are said to represent the unending cycle of life.

To confirm the meaning of Irish words, like Gra Go Deo, a person can either use an Irish-to-English dictionary, or search for a translator tool online. If using a translator tool, it is ideal to enter each word individually and as a phrase. This is because languages rarely translate exactly from one to another, and checking meanings of each word as well as the entire phrase increase the likelihood of getting a precise interpretation.

When using a translator tool for educational purposes, the translated responses are not always exact, so students preparing translations for a class should work through each phrase looking for discrepancies. Some teachers and most native language speakers can catch when a translator tool has been used, and many schools consider the use of this type of technology, instead of studying, to be plagiarism.