What Is Germany Famous For?

Chris Tobin/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Germany is famous for its beer, food, Cinderella-esque castles and ties to World War II. Germany also has a number of structures and historical figures that played a significant role in history.

Germany is widely famous for its’ annual drinking event, Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is the largest festival in the world during which people gather to enjoy beer, wine and German culture. Germany produces many well-known beers, including Beck’s and the popular beer, stein. Food is a big part of German culture; Sauerkraut and bratwurst sausages are two of the foods most commonly associated with the country. In addition to being known for beer and bratwurst, Germany is known for its contributions to the automotive industry. Manufacturers like Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and Audi are all German Brands.

German-born historical figures, such as Martin Luther and Johannes Gutenberg, have also had significant impacts on world history. Martin Luther is the father of Protestantism, and Gutenberg made mass production of print media possible.

The Berlin Wall – although it is now mostly demolished – is one of Germany’s most famous structures. The wall was built to enforce the division between East and West Germany. The structure was implemented due to post WWII politics, and was also a symbol of the Cold War. Germany is also known for its’ beautiful castles that attract tourist and history buffs alike.