Who Are France’s Current Allies and Enemies?

Michael Blann/Stone/Getty Images

A part of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), France is an ally with all the member nations, and France has no official enemies. Other NATO members are the United States, Canada and most European nations, among others. Although NATO does not specifically name any enemies, the organization was formed in an attempt to discourage the USSR from attacking or invading any of its members.

Although France and England have shared a rivalry for centuries and have fought a number of wars against each other, modern history sees both countries as allies. This was particularly true in the world wars, where a united front against Germany and her allies was needed.

World War I also provided the impetus for the United States to become an official ally of France. Not intervening in the war for three years, America finally joined Great Britain and France in 1917, forming an alliance known as The Allies. America again came to its allies’ help late in World War II, when American troops landed in Normandy, France to help destroy the invading German military under Adolf Hitler.

France has supplied the United States with troops during a number of wars in which France was not directly involved, including the War on Terror, where several thousand troops were sent to aid the United States in compliance with the NATO agreement that stipulates all members give aid to any member if attacked.