What Was the Food of the Blackfoot Indians?

The diet of the Blackfoot Indians primarily consisted of bison meat, as well as a mixture of vegetables and berries. The Blackfoot Indians were a nomadic tribe that centered their diet and entire way of life around the bison, which meant they hunted it on a regular basis.

Even though a large portion of the Blackfoot Indians’ diet consisted of bison meat, they used as much of the bison as they could to make several types of meals. One of the more common meals that the Blackfoot Indians ate was Pemmican, which was a combination of choice cut bison meat and wild berries. The meat and berries were cut and mixed together before the meat was cooked, resulting in a satisfying and hearty meal.

The Blackfoot Indians ate Camas Root because it grew abundantly on Blackfoot land and was easy to dig up, dry and cook. It only bloomed for one month out of the year, which meant the Blackfoot Indians did not eat it regularly. Waterfowl eggs were also eaten by the Blackfoot Indians, especially in the springtime. Eggs were easy to find and cook and allowed the Blackfoot Indians to have a balanced diet when they did not hunt the bison.