What Are the Five Mountain Ranges in Spain?

Tim Graham / Contributor/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Mountain ranges in Spain include the Pyrenees, Cordillera Cantabrica, Sistema Iberico, Sierra de Cuenca, Montes de Toledo, Serrania de Cuenca, Cordillera Betica and Sierra Nevada. The Pyrenees Mountains are located on the border of Spain and France. The highest peak in the range is Pico de Aneto, which rises over 11,154.9 feet above sea level.

The highest mountain in continental Spain is Mulhacén, which is part of the Sierra Nevada mountains located in the southern Spanish provinces of Granada and Almería. It rises 11,414.04 feet above sea level. The capital city of Madrid is located near the mountain range Sistema Central, the highest peak of which is located west of the capital. The mountain is called Pico Almanzor and has a height of 8,503.93 feet above sea level. In the southern portion of Meseta, the mountain ranges Montes de Toledo and Sierra de Guadalupe run east and west along a low elevation that does not often exceed 4,921.26. The Sierra Morena, Cordillera Cantábrica the Sistema Ibérico are located around the border of Meseta Central. The Cordillera Cantábrica is made of limestone and is located near the Bay of Biscay. The tallest mountain in that range is Picos de Europa, which has an elevation of over 8,530.18 feet above sea level.