Why Are Filipinos Known to Be Hospitable?

Gilbert Rondilla Photography/Moment/Getty Images

Hospitality is a trait displayed by every Filipino, characterized by heart-warming generosity and friendliness exhibited to foreigners and locals alike. Filipinos receive guests, even strangers, in a warm and pleasant way, often going out of their way to make the visitor comfortable. It is a trait not confined to the upper class and can be found among the poorest members of society.

Filipino hospitality existed before Spain’s colonization of the Philippines. The natives welcomed the Malays, the first foreign settlers in the country and shared their local ways and technology. Even today, when guests arrives in Filipino homes during mealtime, they are offered whatever is being served for that meal. Most of the time, a new meal is prepared to the liking of the visitor. The Filipino hospitality is best exemplified in regard to foreign guests, who are treated with the utmost respect. Filipinos enjoy the company of foreign visitors, and most foreigners who have visited the country can testify to the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

Their hospitality is not only observed in the Philippines, but it is also found wherever Filipinos live. Filipino communities around the world help others adjust to the foreign country’s culture and ways. They often help their fellow Filipinos find shelter and work, opening up their own homes to provide a temporary home whenever necessary.