Who Are Some Famous Servant Leaders?

altrendo travel/Altrendo/Getty Images

Renowned servant leaders include Martin Luther King, Jr., Eleanor Roosevelt and Nelson Mandela. A servant leader is a person who focuses on enriching the lives of individuals and improving the organizations and communities they serve. There are many types of servant leaders, but the best have the abilities to heal communities with their inclusive visions and valorous actions, even in the face of great adversity or danger.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s courageous and inspirational actions in the name of social justice make him one of the great examples of servant leadership. A charismatic preacher and peerless orator, he could have chosen to amass power for personal satisfaction. Yet, he devoted his life to creating a more just society and transformed a nation.

Before Eleanor Roosevelt, the role of the First Lady of the United States was that of a hostess for formal gatherings. Her service transformed what Americans expected of the office, and her persistent work for human rights in the United States and many other countries led her to become a crucial part of the crafting of the United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights.

Despite heavy personal cost, Nelson Mandela remained true to his convictions to achieve equality for everyone in South Africa. After he was freed from jail, he rejected the idea of vengeance and worked with his former jailers to ensure a peaceful transition.