What Are Some Famous Landforms of the World?

Chris Murray/Aurora/Getty Images

Famous landforms around the world include the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Niagara Falls, Mount Everest, the Dead Sea and the Uluru. Mount Everest has the highest elevation on Earth, towering at 29,029 feet above sea level, while the Dead Sea has the world’s lowest elevation, at minus 1,391 feet below the sea level.

The Niagara Falls have a total height of 167 feet with three separate waterfalls that delineate the border between Canada and the United States. According to estimations, in approximately 50,000 years the Niagara Falls will cease to exist due to soil erosion. As of 2014, Niagara Falls is the largest producer of electricity in the state of New York. In 1950 Canada and the United States signed a treaty limiting the water usage by the power plants to maintain an uninterrupted flow of water and the natural beauty for tourists to enjoy. As of 2014, four people have survived a jump from the top of the Niagara Falls without protection.

Uluru, formerly known as Ayers Rock, is a rock formation made of sandstone located in central Australia. Uluru has a circumference of 5.8 miles and is on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list. The cost of admission into the park that houses Uluru costs 25 Australian dollars per person for a three-day pass. It takes an hour to climb Uluru, and as of 2014 there have been 35 deaths from attempts to climb it.