What Is the Family Life of the Cherokee Indian Tribe Like?

The family life of a Cherokee Indian tribe consists of many generations within the same household, or the extreme opposite of children living with one parent or grandparents, according to PBS. Only 53 percent of American Indian children live with both parents.

It is reported that Native American women are the victim of violence within their home at a rate of 3.5 times higher than the national average. It is estimated that six out of every ten Native American women will suffer abuse within their lifetime, according to PBS. The children of Cherokee and Native American parents in general see only 57 percent of their children graduate from high school, as reported in a Manhattan Institute report of 2000. The Cherokee tribe family in years past consisted of multiple wives and many children. The wives took care of the homes and family while the men hunted for food and protected the tribe. The children were seldom reprimanded and where given much of what they desired. In the early years of the Cherokee, there were rules dictating who you could marry and restrictions regarding which clans you could marry within. Though there are still considerations in who you might be with in the tribe, fewer Cherokees marry today than years past.