What Are Some Examples of a President Fulfilling the Role of Chief Citizen?

There are some examples of a president fulfilling the role of chief citizen through awarding medals to the winners of college scholarships, greeting visitors at the White House and making patriotic speeches such as on the Fourth of July. The President has seven total primary roles in the republic.

The role of chief citizen is also known as the role of chief of state. The main purpose of this role is for the president to be an inspiration to the American people for the republic of the United States. In other nations, the role of chief of state or chief citizen would be the king or queen, but in the U.S. it is the president.

The chief citizen title is one reason why it is an honor for the American citizens to shake the hands of the president. He or she stands for the people and is supposed to be the living symbol of the U.S. Some of his or her responsibilities include congratulating, awarding, greeting, and speechmaking to the American public and keeping patriotism alive and well.

The president has seven total primary functions in the republic. These roles include the role of chief citizen (or head of state), chief executive, chief diplomat, commander-in-chief, chief legislator, chief of party, and chief guardian of the economy. These are the roles that the president inhabits and they detail the kind of influence that the president can have from the White House. When people vote for the president, they are voting for the person who will inhabit these roles for their country.