What Are Examples of Julius Caesar’s Arrogance?

Examples of Julius Caesar’s arrogance include how he disregarded the Roman Senate’s authority and crossed the Rubicon with his armies, and how he made himself dictator of Rome for life. His military arrogance can be seen in the ruthless manner he conquered Gaul, as well as all others who opposed him.

Julius Caesar grew to prominence as a noble Roman from the House of Julian. Caesar used his status to secure administrative titles and procure wealth. In the year 61 B.C., he became governor of Spain. Three years later he became governor of Gaul. He spent eight years in Gaul, and conquered the entire territory from the Alps to the English Channel and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Rhine River. Caesar used the brutal efficiency of his Roman Legions to subdue the Gallic tribes and levy on them heavy taxes.

Caesars conquest of Gaul gained him enough recognition to return to Rome and proclaim himself First Consul. However, Caesar’s proclamation started a civil war. In 46 B.C., after defeating his civil war opponents, Caesar proclaimed himself dictator of Rome.

Despite Caesar’s arrogant authority, he did have fair political aims for Roman society. He is responsible for resolving debt crisis, reform of the Roman calendar, regulation of the grain dole and the strengthening of the middle class.