What Do Europeans Eat?

Sean Gallup / St/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The food that Europeans eat depends on the country and region of Europe they live in. Residents of Northern Europe, such as in the United Kingdom, France and Germany, generally have meals consisting of a large serving of meat and a small side of vegetables. In Southern Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, meals are based around grain products and contain large amounts of fruit and vegetables.

Each country in Europe has its own traditional cuisine, but the influence of each country’s cuisine on one another is significant. The food eaten within each country by different people can vary widely due to the diversity that exists within the cultures. The Northern European diet, like the North American diet, tends to be lower in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, although all Europeans eat far less corn than Americans.

Southern Europe, which Southern France is grouped with, has different food than Northern Europe due to the different climates and the influences of the Muslim and Asian cultures. Most of the Southern European countries eat similar foods, but the method of preparation and presentation varies from country to country. Southern Europeans eat red meat, chicken and eggs sparingly, though fish and red wine is popular.