How Do You Enter a Street Address Into VPike?

Enter a street address into the vPike virtual turnpike search tool by clicking on the empty box on the main page and typing in the address number and street name along with either its city and state or ZIP code, as of 2015. The system displays the Google Maps Street View of the area along with other data from the Google Maps service.

While on the home page for, click directly on the box and type in the complete street address of the building or area you wish to view; extra details such as apartment or suite numbers are not necessary. You must also add the city and state, which may appear as the full name or two letter abbreviation, or the five digit ZIP code. To view the Google Maps Street View of the area, click the Street View button. This loads a new page that contains the street view, with options to expand it to a full-screen mode or share the page via email.

Click on the Local Search button to view the standard Google Maps view of the area and access other Google Maps features such as local photos and the search functions. You may view nearby businesses by navigating through buttons to choose business type and popular businesses within each category. All results appear on the map view within the page.