Where Is the E-ZPass Sold in Connecticut?

LightRocket/LightRocket/Getty Images

As of March 2015, there are no toll roads in Connecticut; therefore, the E-ZPass is not sold in the state. Residents of Connecticut who would like to purchase an E-ZPass can do so online through the E-ZPass Customer Service Center of the state in which they travel most. States that sell E-ZPass near Connecticut include New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

The E-ZPass is an electronic toll collection system. It allows drivers to prepay tolls, rather than stop at a toll booth to pay cash. The E-ZPass works by using overhead antennas at the toll booths which interacts with the toll tag placed on a driver’s vehicle. The antenna reads the tag and deducts the correct toll from the driver’s account. Toll booths also have video cameras to record toll evaders.