How Did the Telephone Change People’s Lives?

Bojan Senjur/E+/Getty Images

The telephone made it possible for people to communicate with each other in an efficient manner. It also made it much more convenient for businesses and people to conduct their affairs.

Prior to the invention of the telephone, the only non-face-to-face ways for people to communicate with each other were by mail or telegraph. This meant that communicating with people who were located a great distance away was a very time-consuming process. With the invention of the telephone, people could communicate very quickly from great distances. This allowed business practices to speed up and businesses to reach a much wider range of customers. Individuals could communicate with distant family members much more easily as well.

Some authors have also observed that the telephone, in many ways, has served as a tool that unites people by making it easier for them to communicate with each other. Without the invention of the telephone, such modern conveniences as the Internet would not exist. The Internet used the idea that the same lines that provided people the convenience of being able to talk to each other could also serve as a way for people to be able to garner large amounts of information and to build communities.