Why Did the Royal Proclamation of 1763 Anger the Colonists?

The colonists were angered by the Royal Proclamation of 1763 because the British government was preventing them from trying to explore and expand into the western territory. The British government did not want them to expand or explore the areas in the west because they felt they could keep better control over them when they were isolated to the east.

The colonists were not interested in listening to what the British government had to say and did not want to follow the rules that they had established. They believed they were still under the control of the British government and wanted the government to lose its hold on them. To do this, they began to expand to areas that were restricted, despite the orders that came from the British government. They began to rebelliously expand to the west, starting in the Ohio Valley, which was already inhabited by French settlers and Native Americans. The colonists believed that if they worked together with large convoys of wagons and materials, they would not be able to be controlled by the British army. This rebellion led to greater expansion and to the colonists extending the space between them and the strict control of the British government.