How Did Michelangelo Change the World?

Michelangelo changed the world by helping people view art and artists differently. His art was remarkable; because of this, the world began to recognize artists and their art as important additions to society.

Prior to Michelangelo, artists did not receive individual attention or notoriety for their work. They were seen as nothing more than journeymen.

Michelangelo changed the world’s opinion of artists through his extraordinary works of art. With groundbreaking art, he created some of the most revered pieces known to man; his attention to detail made these works remarkable. Michelangelo was best known as a sculptor, and his infamous David, with lifelike characteristics carved in marble, is still considered a masterpiece. Other notable sculptures include Pieta, Moses, and Madonna and Child.

Michelangelo was not just a sculptor; he was an important painter and prolific architect as well. His paintings are considered some of the world’s greatest showpieces. These paintings include the elaborate and detailed Sistine Chapel ceiling, which includes various painted elements to form a large scheme within the Chapel. As an architect, he designed the final plans for the St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican.

His work is considered the beginning of the High Renaissance, a period of time where the world came to recognize and appreciate the value of visual arts.