Where Did Isaac Newton Get His Education?

Sir Isaac Newton studied at King’s School, Cambridge and Trinity College. Immediately following his Master of Arts degree from Trinity, he wrote on a manuscript with the British mathematician John Collins, who claimed that young Newton was an “extraordinary genius.”

Newton is most known for his discovery of gravity using an apple, however, Newton is also responsible for the ellipse and many other physics related achievements. He chronicled his thoughts in what is considered to be one of the most influential books on physics ever written, the “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” or “Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.”

Newton gained international recognition after the publication of his “Principia” book. Soon, he was involved in more public and international affairs. He started by helping to keep King James III’s Catholic ideology out of Cambridge. He also began to become more social and join intellectual and political philosopher groups. It was at one of these groups that he met and became friends with John Locke. Another was the Swiss mathematician Nicolas Fatio de Dullier.

Due to the number of extraordinary achievements that Newton had made in the science world, Queen Anne of England made the decision to knight him in 1705. Newton passed away due to digestion and stomach problems on March 31, 1727 at 85 years old.