The Impact of Electricity on Society

Society was changed by the discovery of electricity. It led to the invention of labor-saving devices both at work and at home. People’s daily activities were no longer dependent on daylight, a significant impact.

Workplace Changes The discovery of electricity radically changed productivity in the workplace. For one thing, electricity led to the development of electric tools. This, in turn, led to smaller, safer and more reliable tools compared to the steam-driven machinery that was being used at the time. Using electricity also promoted longer work days because they no longer needed to end when the sun went down. Factories could operate around the clock and workers could be employed in shifts, which produced more goods.

Changes at Home Electricity also changed things in the home. Cooking became easier with the invention of electric appliances. Electric-powered household tools saved time. For example, vacuum cleaners, electric irons and dishwashers made for quicker cleaning in less time. Food lasted longer and was safer because it could be stored in an electrified refrigerator. The invention of electric razors, hair dryers and other small appliances reduced the time needed for personal care.

More Light Electricity changed society. No longer were people dependent of candles and gas lamps to be able to see after dark. People could work longer during the short winter days. People could do more in their homes after the sun went down.

Architectural Changes Architects could design buildings in new ways. They could design taller buildings thanks to the development of electric-powered elevators. Buildings no longer required large windows for light because of the use of interior lighting. It also became easier to heat buildings.

Improved Communication Another big way electricity had an impact on society was on the way people could communicate. People could send telegraphs, speeding delivery of information. Telegraphs soon gave way to telephones, allowing for direct communication. Electric-powered radios and, later, television were developed and had a huge impact. The public could learn news from around the world in the comfort of their homes. Radio and television also allowed people to enjoy entertainment programming without leaving the couch.

Electricity’s Importance Today Today, much of the world is dependent on electricity. Society has become dependent on communication devices. Many workplaces cannot operate without computers, which need electricity. People have also become dependent on computers and other technology in their personal lives. Consider not being able to text or email a friend. Social media would not exist. People would not be able to get instant access to world news events through online resources, radio or television. Entertainment would not be the same. People would no longer be able to watch television programs from the comforts of home. Factories would no longer be able to work around the clock because of the lack of light at night. Modern machinery would also not be able to function to produce goods. Electric stoves and ovens and microwaves would no longer work, making preparing food more difficult. These are just a few examples of the way society is now dependent on electricity.