What Did Children Play With in the 1950’s?

Thurston Hopkins/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

In the 1950s, children largely played with each other and outside. They roamed and explored the great outdoors, picked wildflowers and blackberries, played dress-up, fished, read books and climbed trees. The most important toy they had were their imaginations.

When kids did play with toys, those toys were simple. For example, marbles and jacks were popular, as were skipping ropes, bicycles, balls and bats, and ball throwers and catchers. The jigsaw puzzle was just becoming popular, although it was still a pricey toy.

Some of the newer toys of the time included carpentry sets. These contained real, well-made tools suitable for children. Girls enjoyed doll tea sets so that they could have tea parties just like adults. Children enjoyed dolls and models of boats and trains.

Around 1955, toys branched out to include Disney-themed products such as Mickey and Minnie Mouse buckets. There were even toys designed to be played with inside. For instance, miniature coloring books were produced. There were board games available such as chess. A whole host of summer toys were made especially for those vacationing near the water. One such toy was the beach ball. Soon buckets and spades made the scene, and children had the opportunity to construct magnificent sand castles.