What Did Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Eat?

In ancient Egypt, pharaohs typically ate loaves of bread, fruits, vegetables, beef, figs and fine wine. They dined with their wives and children. Guests joined the pharaohs during dinner parties that involved dining and dancing.

In the morning, an Egyptian pharaoh would typically eat a small meal that consisted of bread and fruit at a low table in a courtyard. His wife left after breakfast to care for the children and prepare for a dinner party. He met with foreign merchants who showed respect by bowing to the ground before him and offering gifts.

The pharaoh would meet with royal officials to discuss important matters, such as expanding irrigation along the Nile River. Afterward, he enjoyed his midday meal with his wife and children. Following lunch, the pharaoh would consult with the high priestess who provided valuable advice. He spent the rest of the day overseeing harvests and construction of structures built to honor the gods, making decisions about the government and trade, and relaxing with his sons.

Bread and beer were the staple foods in ancient Egypt. Egyptians ate coarse grain bread called cyllestis and used barley for drinks. They sometimes ate raw, dried or preserved fish. Wealthy people often had fruit, vegetables, meat, waterfowls and wine in their regular meals, whereas workers and ordinary peasants usually enjoyed meat on special occasions only.