What Is the Depth of the Atlantic Ocean?

The Atlantic Ocean, including its surrounding seas, has a mean depth of 10,932 feet. Without taking into consideration its connecting seas, the Atlantic Ocean has an additional average depth of almost 2,000 feet, measuring a total of 12,881 feet deep.

The Atlantic Ocean, second only to the Pacific Ocean in terms of size, encompasses around 20 percent of the planet’s ocean waters. It is geographically divided into the North Atlantic and South Atlantic oceans by the equator.

The Puerto Rico Trench contains the Milwaukee Deep, which is the deepest point of the North Atlantic and the entire Atlantic Ocean at 28,232 feet. The South Atlantic’s deepest part is located in the South Sandwich Trench at 27,651 feet. The Atlantic waters in the Romanche Trench along the equator measures 24,455 feet deep. The site for the lowest area of the Atlantic is found at Fram Basin at 15,305 feet deep.